VastuShastra is an ancient Science of Architecture from Vedas. VastuShastra is instrumental in creating wealth, health prosperity & growth with peace. We leverage the knowledge of Vastu with our 30 years of research and study of Vedas and identify the positives and negatives of the place and also suggestion on possible corrections. We extend our services to professionals / Business/ Residences/ Institutes/ Industries etc. wherein we provide solutions through corrections using wide range of yantras.

Issues could be like starting problem, lack of opportunities delay in starting, hurdles in starting or there could be issues with processing, undue delay in completion or for that matter quality or timely completion could be an issue, we do identify the problems you are facing. The client is not expected to disclose any personal issues as we can ascertain all the issues through the vastu analysis.

We do not believe in demolitions, changes, shifting thus our USP is to provide vastu solutions through Vedic corrections only. We can provide preliminary consultancy services on submission of drawings/plans also.

Non Vastu compliant buildings also can benefit through our system as we follow non demolition on technique. To facilitate the buildings with vastu features the positive cosmic rays are harnessed through Yantras, Vedic Scriptures and Symbols. To rectify positional defects, Vedic Vastu is implemented through Yantras. This sacred geometry has the power to create favourable energy fields.

Besides Vastu consultation, the company offers distinctive range of products including Yantra, Nityadevatas, Dashamahavidya, Sri Chakra and Mahameru, Horoscope reading analysis and solutions, Horoscope corrections.

Vaastu for Residence

When you are at home, you must feel homely. It means you feel complete! This feeling comes out of experiencing the pink of your bubbling good health, good relationship with all members of the family, feeling of belonging and total security, concern, responsibility. Read More

Vaastu for Commercial Spaces

This includes vaastu requirements at office, retails space, studio, showroom, shop, hotel, restaurant, industrial sheds, go downs, storage cabins, commercial plots, factory, manufacturing units, wholesale product delivery units, IT industry, automobile industry, etc. Read More

Vaastu for Health & Wealth

It is our choice of spending our time in good vaastu tuned place. One can enjoy life or suffer due to bad vaastu like in hot summer hill station is cooler sea shore is hotter and sultry.So is the structure we build which can invite favorable or unfavorable energies. Read More

Vaastu for Professionals

Pediatricians, information and technology, Concept and Idea developers. Diamond, gold, Jeweler Merchants. Labor oriented management offices. Entertainment industry, Hotels and Services. Tourism products and services, High end specialty products. Read More

Vaastu for Relationships & Happiness

There is an imaginary vaastu Purusha sleeping upside down in a given space with his head in northeast, legs in southwest and arms in southeast and northwest.This Purusha resides in a mandala or an energy grid. This energy grid centered Vaastu has an effect on wealth, health, strength, energy, joy, cheerfulness, kindness, compassion, bliss, creativity and all good things in life. Read More