Vaastu for Health & Wealth

Health & Wealth

For Wealth


1. Overall Financial Balance, Financial planning and infrastructure
2. Agility, Planning conception, strategies, communication, business intelligence and Research, infrastructure, Overall financial strength and Raw Material.

1. Quality Wealth, Finance management, High end Living standards, Value addition. Refinement in Wealth
2. Quality of product, Service, Infrastructure, price and profit. Refinement, Value addition and Clientele

1. Liquidity of Cash, consistent flow of cash
2. Effective processing, cost effective, Labor management and relationships, peaceful personal relationships

1. Wealth in form of assets, Target in reaching wealth, Land and building properties and Legal patents
2. Power, Target reaching capacity, Right persons to work for you, Right place to work for you, Right position in the market, Timely, effectively properly getting productions and sales and trading. Endurance, tolerance levels, enthusiasm in trading production, zeal, right kind of temperament. Attaining momentum in production and sales.

1. Wealth accumulation, Net profits, Accomplishments 2. Achievements, accomplishments, net profits, Margins

1. Quantitative Turnover, Business Wealth, organizational wealth, institutional wealth 2. Quantitative Business turn over, Institutional business, whole sale business

1. Customers to create wealth, clientele, Helpful people, work force
2. Finished products, Dispatch and Delivery. C&F, Logistics and Marketing.

1. Financial Abundance, expansion, growth, creativity, protection of our wealth, projects and assets.
2. Orders, Financial Abundance, Expansion, growth, creativity, protection, patents, copyrights, Fortune and Goodwill.

Name, Fame, Health of the company. Recognition of the firm, business. Reserves of the business. Trustworthiness of members, Self Esteem and Individuality of members of the office. Business Ethics, goodwill, Brand and equity.

For Health

It is our choice of spending our time in good vaastu tuned place. One can enjoy life or suffer due to bad vaastu like in hot summer hill station is cooler sea shore is hotter and sultry

So is the structure we build which can invite favorable or unfavorable energies

Scientists are looking for the cause of illness and lack of cheerfulness in labs rather than negative vaastu based houses.

Ill health may be caused due to wrong vaastu which can cause negative bio energy forces such as combination of gravitational forces, magnetic field of earth, solar energies, wind energies, cosmic reactions and electronic energy fields. It can also be caused due to wrong ratio of length and width called aya of a building and odd shaped structures.

We know each of the fields have their own effects on mind and body. In a structure where bio energy filed is weak, there is depletion of positive energies.

Specific areas can cause specific disease patterns:

NorthEast: Throat, reduced immunity, youngest member of the family is affected by Central nervous system problems

North: Infertility, lack of progressing in healing, gynecological problems, Kidney and uriniary problems, Arthiritis, pains and Lack of general resistance

South: Digestive system, gastric related problems, Bowel movements, constipation, emotional imbalance, short tempered, lack of tolerance, lack of power and general energy.

East: Heart problems, CardioVascular system problems, Lack in quality of health and good life, respiratory problems

West: Piles, Bones, Anus , Gas problems, Intestinal problems, Surgery, deformity, addictions, alcoholism, smoking, drugs, bone problems, restlessness.

SouthWest: Older or Senior member of the family is affected, low back pain, bone problem, fatigue, lack of energy

SouthEast: Females will have health problems, they are overly sensitive.

NorthWest: Male children will have health problems

Centre portion: Male members of a family will be directly affected.