Vaastu for Realtionship & Happiness

Vaastu Purusha

There is an imaginary vaastu Purusha sleeping upside down in a given space with his head in northeast, legs in southwest and arms in southeast and northwest.

This Purusha resides in a mandala or an energy grid. This energy grid centered Vaastu has an effect on wealth, health, strength, energy, joy, cheerfulness, kindness, compassion, bliss, creativity and all good things in life.

Joy comes to man not through the shape of things, but the relationship established.

What we have only we can give, if we love ourselves, then only can we love others.

The truth in life is in the experience. If you have experienced peace of mind, presence of mind, mind and body filled with full intensity, passion, worthiness, warmth, affection and you share it with all those who come in your life it starts glowing.

Vastu is an infrastructure where transformation possibilities are very great such as :

North East



South West


North West

South East