Vaastu Residence

When you are at home, you must feel homely.

Requirements at home

When you are at home, you must feel homely. It means you feel complete! This feeling comes out of experiencing the pink of your bubbling good health, good relationship with all members of the family, feeling of belonging and total security, concern, responsibility. Growing together, live fully with intensity and passion enjoying totally in all aspects of life. There is lot of joy, thrill, creativity, connectivity, mutual help, kindness, compatibility, concern between children and parents, relatives and friends.

There will be lots of good news, celebrations happening from time to time. There is lots of respect for one another and humbleness with the feeling of being a proud member of such a family.

When Does It Happen ?

North East Zone :

Children’s area like study room, bedroom, prayer room, meditation room. Most preferred main entry and the study tables facing north or east direction

South East Zone :

Cooking or Fire zone, where direction while cooking, one should be facing east, wash area in north east and refrigerator in southeast or northwest zone. This zone can also have the daughter’s bedroom.

South West Zone :

This zone represents the main earning member, elders and head of the family. Here, we can keep the wardrobe, cash, chest, valuables. The bed position should not be in the door way, the head should be facing the door and the free space remaining after keeping the cot in north or east should be more than the free space in southwest. This means keep the cot as much as possible in the southwest zone.

West Zone :